Wilmington Country Club:

Campus Master Plan

Wilmington, DE

Wilmington Country Club is landlocked, with little possibility for acquiring additional acreage in the foreseeable future. The club asked Club Source Design to produce a holistic study of its campus, identify functional site conflicts and make recommendations for optimal use of all available land.

The Club Source Design project team examined the site, and all facilities as they related to the site. The team conducted interviews with the club’s steering committee, management, staff, and member committees. From this information, Club Source Design was able to ascertain how the club currently functions while determining areas of deficiency.

After assimilating and analyzing all data received, Club Source Design developed a preliminary list of goals and objectives for the master plan, which was finalized with input from the steering committee. Club Source Design then identified opportunities for improvement or future development and analyzed the pros and cons of each. 

With input from work sessions with the steering committee, our team produced a final, comprehensive plan of improvement, with development strategies that addressed the earlier defined goals and objectives and provided effective means through which to implement them.

Wilmington Country Club Master Plan