Twin Hickory:

Master Plan

Glen Allen, VA

The intent of this Master Plan Study was to study the amenity spaces, with particular emphasis on the community clubhouse site, and to produce a plan of improvements and recommendations for an existing 1,450 home community. The goals for this vision included ways to: enhance the residents’ quality of life, bolster their property values, and better serve the full range of resident demographics.

Our team provided a variety of Master Planning services including: examining community and existing Lake House campus; conducting interviews to understand how the site and amenities currently function while determining areas of deficiency; conducting a Focus Group with selected homeowners to visualize “Twin Hickory 2022”; identifying attributes and deficiencies for existing facilities; identifying opportunities for improvement and future development; producing a final consolidated plan of recommendations, including phasing strategies and conceptual projections of cost for implementation.

Twin Hickory Master Plan
Twin Hickory Master Plan