Salisbury Country Club:

Patio Expansion

Midlothian, VA

The expansion of the Salisbury Country Club patio, which is adjacent to the members’ dining area, was designed to expand the types of member dining options, by providing a dedicated member outdoor dining area, which would not be encumbered by weddings, banquets, etc.​


To provide visual continuity between this new patio and the existing special events patio, Club Source Design reused the detailing of the original patio (such as brick patterning, precast concrete trim elements, circular motifs, etc.). Space was left between the window wall of the members’ dining room and the patio not only to preserve several large willow oak trees, but also to broaden the view of the inside diners.


A fire pit was included to allow members to enjoy outdoor dining earlier in the spring and later in the fall seasons.

Salisbury Country Club Patio
Salisbury Country Club Patio