Salisbury Country Club:

Master Plan

Midlothian, VA

The purpose of creating a master plan for Salisbury Country Club was to produce a consolidated vision for improvement and future development for an existing country club in Midlothian, Virginia. This vision includes ways to strengthen the Club’s position as a full-service, family-oriented club, as well as to foster the Club’s strong sense of camaraderie and unique sense of place.


Our team provided a variety of master planning services, including: examining the campus and facilities; conducting interviews to understand how the site and amenities function; determining areas of deficiency; developing a preliminary list of goals and objectives; finalizing all goal statements and objectives for the master plan; identifying the facility’s existing attributes and deficiencies; identiying all opportunities for improvement and future development; producing a final consolidated plan of recommendations, with development strategies that address the stated goals and objectives, and providing effective means through which to implement them.


This finalized Master Plan served as both the touchstone and the jumping off point for subsequent phases of development and renovation.