Kingsmill on the James: Mounts Bay Community Center

James City County, VA

Although it was less than 30 years old, Kingsmill on the James chose to replace the existing community clubhouse with a completely new facility that responds to the more sophisticated needs, wants and desires of today’s homeowner and positions the community more favorably in the marketplace.


The cornerstone of the new 6,000 square foot clubhouse is its 1,800 square foot community room. With its stone fireplace, adjacent warming kitchen, and dedicated patio area, it is an attractive setting for both private and community-based events. However, its palette of finishes was expressly chosen to stand up to the hard use of everything from community watercolor classes to cub scout and brownie scout meetings.


Renovations and additions at the pool area were responsive to the needs of community members of all ages. The existing main pool was completely renovated, and geared to serving the community’s youth as well as its swim team. A new kiddie pool with a beach entry, water toys and a dedicated shade structure meets the needs of both toddlers and their parents. A separate lap pool provides for the fitness and relaxation needs of the adult population.