Hermitage Country Club:

Master Plan

Manakin-Sabot, VA

The purpose of this Master Plan Study for Hermitage Country Club was to produce a consolidated vision for improvement and future development for an existing country club in Goochland County, Virginia. This vision includes ways to strengthen the Club as a full-service, family-oriented club, as well as to improve the Club’s campus via better wayfinding, visual unification of buildings and facilities, etc.

Our team provided a variety of Master Planning services including: observing and examining the site and all facilities; conducting interviews with management and key staff, as well as focus group meetings with major committees; learning how the facilities function and determined any areas of deficiency; developing a list of goals and objectives for the master plan in conjunction with the Club; identifying opportunities for improvement and future development; producing a final comprehensive plan of improvements and recommendations, with development strategies that provide effective means through which to implement them; and developing an opinion of budget costs and phasing requirements.